The Mysterious Mountain

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Getting to the top of the mountain is one thing, but leaving quite another. When the fog and the darkness are closing in, you enter a completely different world: the limbo-world of witchcraft.

This used to be the main road to travel through the island. However, ever since a tunnel was constructed at the foot of the mountain, hardly anyone passes through here anymore and the road is completely deserted. We strolled for hours not encountering a single soul. We were literally walking in the clouds and it was hard to see beyond a range of 5 metres. Luckily Amir, our traveller from Tel Aviv, wasn’t there, because this is probably the intermediary place where you go after the world ends.

Eventually we managed to reach the next village and ended up witnessing some nerve-recking Canarian wrestling, the most popular sport on the island’s, but we will tell you all about that later. For now, a warm abrazo from El Hierro y hasta la prómixa!

Renske Mijnheer, Robin Block, Celine van Hees

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